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Without the Stress, Confusion, or Overwhelm

My proven system to get you on a path to more purpose and career happiness.

Do you feel stuck in an unfulfilling job?

You feel burnt out and dissatisfied

You are stuck in a rut. In the evenings after work you are exhausted. The job is slowly taking a toll on your mental health and relationships.

You have the Sunday Blues

Sunday comes and your mood drops as you dread the thought of going to work the next day. Monday is like your least favorite day.

Your work no longer excites you

Your job no longer sparks your interest. You are sick of attending meaningless meetings and working for hours on presentations nobody cares about.

Something is missing

You are not exactly sure what it is, but you feel emotionally empty when you are in the office. Deep down you know that you should be doing something else.

You would like more impact

You have the feeling that your work is not leaving a meaningful dent in the world. You would like invest your time in something more valuable and change the world for the better.

You are dreaming of an escape

You know that something has to change and you are dreaming of the leap. You enjoy every moment you can escape from work savor your holidays.

You know something needs to change...

But you don’t know which direction to take….

The thought of reinventing your career feels scary and overwhelming and you don’t know where to start.

It's time to act now.

You will spend 80,000 hours of your life at work

That's more than 24% of your time alive which you invest in your work.

Your job has a massive impact on your wellbeing & health

A terrible job makes you miserable and depressed, while a meaningful career can fill you with joy, meaning and excitement.

You don't want to have regrets

At the end of your life, the worst thing to regret is stuff that we did not do. How would it feel if all you did is dream of an escape, but you never manage to actually act on it.

Are you ready to make your transition into a career you love?

A 6-month four-step program: going all the way from “what the hell should I do with my life” to “Hell yeah, I just handed in my resignation and found an amazing new job.”

Reinvent your career:
figure out what you really want, unlock your unique career path, develop an unbeatable strategy, and follow a clear step-by-step plan to make it happen.

Your Career Reinvented Program

A 6-Month 1:1 Coaching Program

Discovering yourself in a whole new way

In this step, you will: Stop career confusion, find your WHY and define success on your own terms.

First, we will dig deep to find out what you really want in your life. We will go through a detailed process to uncover your values, passions, and your unique purpose. We will also pin down what exactly success means for you in terms of lifestyle, money, work, and impact. Once your definition of success is clear, we will look at what value you can bring to the world and how your skills can be applied to make an impact. At the end of this first step, you will have identified several viable and exciting career options and you will have a personal career happiness scorecard. 

Testing options

In this step, you will: Generate career option, run micro experiments, and say goodbye to indecision.

Now it’s time to prioritize the best career options and pick your top 3. You will run small-scale career experiments and rate the individual options according to your career happiness scorecard. With this, you will have full confidence in committing to your preferred career path.

Planning your transition

In this step, you will: Develop a robust strategy and plan.

Next, we will develop a sound strategy and compelling personal brand to position you for success in the job market. We will also build a detailed plan that shows you exactly what to focus on during your transition. This plan includes powerful networking and job search tactics, and a LinkedIn profile makeover. 

Taking courageous action

In this step, you will: Gain momentum, overcome obstacles and make your new career happen.

This is a key step in putting your plan into action. You will network (on- and offline) and create opportunities to transition into your ideal career. I will support you as you apply for jobs, kick-ass in interviews, and top-notch negotiate offers. On top of that, I will help you to increase your confidence by conquering any fears that come up along the way. You will also learn strategies to overcome the biggest blocks including money, energy, procrastination and time. In no time you will be able to hand in your notice with a smile and prepare yourself for a new, exciting chapter in your life.

By the end of the program you will have:

  • Found a career path that aligns with your values, interest, lifestyle goals and skills
  • A clear career strategy and plan
  • Renewed confidence in your abilities and value
  • A compelling personal brand
  • Learned impactful interviewing & networking techniques
  • Gotten a Live Linkedin profile audit and redesigned your profile to stand out

What you will get with the Career Pivot Accelerator Program

  • 10 x 60 min. 1:1 sessions with Joanna
  • Notes, clear action steps, and accountability in between sessions
  • Access to tons of worksheets, resources, and tools
  • Unlimited email support (to answer any questions that come up)


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Is this program a good fit for me?

This program is for you if you...

  • Are looking for a career with more impact, and work that aligns with your values and your desired lifestyle
  • Are ready to take action and are committed to making a change
  • Know the career as today doesn’t feel right but you are unsure what to do instead
  • Are ready to experiment
  • Are worried about pay cuts and losing valuable time
  • Value the accountability and support you get from a coach

This probably isn’t for you if you…

  • Want someone to tell you exactly what you should do
  • Are looking for a magic pill to change your career without any effort
  • Are not really ready to make any changes, despite your unhappiness
  • Are less than 5 years into your career
  • Are not ready to commit time or money to this life-changing process

Find out more...

For more details including pricing, book a free 30 minute consultation with me.