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Career Clarity Booster

Do you feel stuck in an unfulfilling job?

You feel burnt out and dissatisfied

You are stuck in a rut. In the evenings after work you are exhausted. The job is slowly taking a toll on your mental health and relationships.

You have the Sunday Blues

Sunday comes and your mood drops as you dread the thought of going to work the next day. Monday is like your least favorite day.

Your work no longer excites you

Your job no longer sparks your interest. You are sick of attending meaningless meetings and working for hours on presentations nobody cares about.

Something is missing

You are not exactly sure what it is, but you feel emotionally empty when you are in the office. Deep down you know that you should be doing something else.

You would like more impact

You have the feeling that your work is not leaving a meaningful dent in the world. You would like invest your time in something more valuable and change the world for the better.

You are dreaming of an escape

You know that something has to change and you are dreaming of the leap. You enjoy every moment you can escape from work savor your holidays.

You know something needs to change...

But you don’t know which direction to take….

The thought of reinventing your career feels scary and overwhelming and you don’t know where to start.

If this is you, it’s time to book a Career Clarity Booster so you understand:

  • Where your frustration at work is coming from, and what you can do about it
  • What aspects of your job are draining you and how to better manage your energy so you invest energy into actually changing your situation (instead of hoping that it will get better by itself).
  • How to make up your mind about what you want to do next, even if you have tons of ideas that seem impossible.

You will have more clarity on what’s stopping you and specific actions to make progress…

In less than one hour you will learn...

  • What’s most important to you.
  • Why you fall into procrastination mode even though you know something needs to change, and what you can do about it.
  • How you can make up your mind about what to do next.
  • How to take the first step to finding the work you love.
  • How to spend less energy at work so you can invest more time into building your career.
  • And tons of other insights...

This is the first action to make a change in your situation so you can get closer to career happiness. Until we tackle what is keeping you stuck, we can’t get you happy at work.

Here is how it works

Step 1: You book your session

You will get access to my schedule where you can choose a slot that works for you and make your payment.

Step 2: I will send you the career checkup worksheet

To make the most of our call, I will send you a worksheet that gives you a chance to put your thoughts in writing.

Step 3: You will get clarity in our 1:1 video session

We will look at your pre-work and get you unstuck, so that you are clear what to do next.


Career Clarity Booster

CHF 99
  • Career clarity worksheet as pre-work
  • Personal 45 minute 1:1 consultation
  • Get any questions answered