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My mission is to help people find their passion so that they can escape the daily grind and do the work that they love.
Joanna Schneider
Coach & CEO of Purple Rock

There is more to life than boring pointless meetings

We all have a limited time on this planet. And most of us want to have an impact. I believe that we are meant to do more than just working in a job that we don’t care about. Every one of us has valuable and unique gifts to offer the world. 

Hi, I’m Joanna Schneider - Coach & CEO of Purple Rock.

I always saw work as a vehicle for self-expression and personal growth. As a millennial, I am part of a generation that is shaking up traditional career values. 

I know what it feels like to change careers because I have reinvented myself multiple times in my +10 years corporate career and most recently as a coach.

After working as a marketer and project leader for over a decade in the corporate world, I decided to dedicate myself to the mission of helping others realize their dreams and find more freedom and fulfillment through career.

Originally from Berlin, Germany, I left home at 17 to study in the United States. This was the start of an amazing international venture.  Since then I have gone on to live in 4 countries.

Since a couple of years, I am based in Zürich, Switzerland. Thanks to technology, I work with clients all over the world. 

Don't get stuck in the "golden cage"

In my 12 years in various corporations it struck me how many people are really unhappy in their careers and do nothing to change it. 

This realization marked the beginning of my specialism in career coaching because I want to help more people escape the daily grind and design a life that is meaningful and exciting.

I know how it feels to have the Sunday blues, dreading Mondays - because I have been there.

And I also know how much energy it can consume to hold down an unfulfilling job while working on your plan B as a high achiever. It’s scary to leave a secure job to follow an uncertain dream. And it takes energy to build a viable alternative, be it a new career or your own business.

It's time for a career revolution!

I want to be part of creating a world where people love their work. I want more people waking up in the morning and being excited about the work they do. This is what I am here for. 

I am here to tell you that happiness at work is possible.

By happiness, I don’t mean rainbows and unicorns, but doing the work that you love and feeling meaning at the end of the day. You may have almost given up on your dream, but if you are reading this you are still seeking answers, which is great news.  

You don’t have to figure this out alone

When I made my transition I was not alone. I relied on coaches and a support network to help me take a leap to follow my dream. Sure, I had a plan and a financial strategy, but at the end of the day, I was scared as hell. I wouldn’t have done it alone. And neither should you.

Get ready for more freedom and fulfillment

Following my dream has been one of the most liberating and empowering steps I’ve ever taken. I have never felt so creative and connected to my values. If I did it, you can do it, too.

Get unstuck with a
Career Clarity Booster

Do you want to understand...

  • Where your frustration at work is coming from, and what you can do about it? 
  • What aspects of your job are draining you and how to better manage your energy?
  • How to make up your mind about what you want to do next?

If this is you, it’s time to book a Career Clarity Booster.

You will have more clarity on what’s stopping you and specific actions to make progress towards your goal… in less than one hour.

I serve my community in three ways


Writing a weekly newsletter (The Weekly Boost) which is packed with strategies and tools for more happiness at work and in life.


1:1 Coaching - supporting millennials in finding their purpose and turning it into a viable lifestyle, so that they can escape the unfulfilling jobs.

Strategic Consulting

I help companies create a culture in which employees are more engaged and happy for a better bottom line and increased innovation.

My credentials and experience

Qualified Coach

I am accredited in Transformational Coaching (Animas Centre for Coaching in London), which is recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I’ve coached dozens of people from many walks of life.

Mindfulness Pro

I’ve been practicing mindfulness meditation for over 15 years and am excited to coach people in getting all of its benefits. My journey involved training under Jon Kabat-Zinn, dozens of courses, hundreds of self-development books, silent retreats and practicing meditation for over 300h, counting.

Business Strategist

I’ve got a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and have over a decade of strategy and marketing experience under my belt. I’ve worked with small and big international companies across various industries, which can come in handy for ambitious business owners looking for a little wind in their sails. Check out my Linkedin profile for all the details.

Science-based Practitioner

My coaching is underpinned by mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral tools, and positive psychology. Proven methods, no woo-woo BS.